Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have built a brick wall

I have built a brick wall,
(Impenetrable and tall)
Made strong with tokens from my lovers
(I've loved them one and all).
And here I do myself a favor,
Where once felt fresh and raw,
I've packed my wounds with sand and straw--
A flesh price, paid in full.
(I saw you pull the wool
Over my eyes, I say I saw!)
Blinded still, blindsided too,
Eyes shrouded, closed in awe,
Surprise felt twice
(Not twice as nice),
For blindfolds, too, are flawed.

And since I fail to learn, each brick
(No matter large or small)
Fits snug inside the same damn mold
So blind, you see, I saw.
Contained, exchanged in glances thrown
Across fluorescent halls,
While first surprise is quick to bloom
(Or sometimes at a crawl)
The seeded ground that thrives in Spring
Too soon is felled in Fall.
It's then I'm on familiar ground
I somehow don't recall
And there I find the second round,
Surprise both winged and clawed.

These bricks lie in a patterned stack
(Professionally installed)
So well-rehearsed, and so I come
For every curtain call.
(The bricklayer sets his burden
At my feet, it seems I'm certain
I have earned all this applause,
While he turns, and leaves, appalled.)
And thus with bricks stacked at my feet
I'm once more in the wrong--
While I had thought myself a queen,
It seems I'm but a pawn.
(But still, I have the gall
To step up to the stage to play
My role, I know which lines to say,
I'll smile then, to demonstrate
That I have learned nothing at all.)

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