Monday, October 26, 2009


I will limp with you, I promised
But the slips and missed-step pitfalls
On this trip are not so simple
And your limbs--surprising, nimble--
Aren't so spry or strong since winter--
Excuse them. They weren't made for this.

Where once I felt a fire, I'll admit
You weren't convinced, but despite
Your crooked spine and spirit
I would take you by the wrists and
Pull you in, and there you fit just fine.
Remember on your hairline,
Where I'd plant a careful kiss.

On the night I left you hid, consistent
With your hatred of goodbyes, high-fives,
I miss you's. I found you sitting
In the dark, silent while I came unhinged.
Lights off, as you wished, but to cover
Such vast ground so quick was
Too great a wish, so like a mother
I couldn't resist my last admission.
And while my voice was once the whipcrack
That whisked you back from oblivion
Your mind may be fixed, and made up,
Dead-set on bliss, and though
I know you no longer glisten,
Pristine, I can still sustain a smile
Just for you.

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