Friday, October 30, 2009

How I've Changed

I play things closer to the heart now,
On guard so that I am maybe even
A little afraid of boats now,
Where it used to be planes--
But my fears are closer to the ground now.
(It is not the height that scares me
But the invisible that hides so near,
In depths I'll never see or know)
And I roll filters into my cigarettes--
The most dangerous bet I place--
But bids? I barely make them,
Although my hands are hidden well and
Flush, though you could never tell.
And it's hell to drive the highway
When top speed is ten below the limit.
Oh well, though. I've changed lanes,
I'd rather go around than through now.
(I've learned to bluff convincingly, too,
Does this sound true to you, now?)

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