Sunday, November 1, 2009


Riding the veins of a city
Aboard a silver chariot
Moving with purpose.

Cruising the rivulets
Of a metal river delta
Swallowed by a pike-fish.

A boy with brown skin, arms
Crawling with white-scar centipedes
To show he meant it when he did this.

My pages covered with eyelashes
Shaken free by eyes too eager to appraise.
Restrained, I wouldn't risk it.

Snake stops its belly-slide,
Belching out its gullet's contents.
He stood to leave, but almost missed it--

Reaching for a cane. He limps.
These scars--long lines of deep cuts
And dots for the stitches--

Were made of accident and not intent,
And I--a judgment away from flippant!
Ashamed, gripped his wrist, and kissed it.

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