Monday, November 2, 2009

And here I thought

And here I thought that volume was the key
To arguing effectively
Before she moved a mountain range
And with a whisper, softly
Sucker-punched me
While we stood upon a sinkhole
Sliding sideways through a city.
First we danced across the surface,
A thin veil over deep cuts
Jabs and thrusts I couldn't parry,
The bottom of my stomach dropping out
To sounds so soothing, she could
Be singing me a lullaby,
Rocking me to sleep.
I had never known so clearly
By the wrenching of my guts
And gaze away from what so
Plainly was a trainwreck
Caught in quicksand, this
Had turned a bit quixotic.
And her field of quiet windmills,
Once so staid and stoic, lured me
Now into unbridled fury
As we slid into a standstill,
In a stalemate while a hundred moves
Were weighed, then waved aside in turn.
So I let this fire die to embers,
another day to burn.

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