Saturday, November 14, 2009

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If it doesn't fit on the pages of a magazine
A tweet, a facebook feed,
Or a cellphone screen,
(Although I'll allow that somehow
Those things just keep getting bigger,
Thank Nokia or LG for your expanded
Canvas, please),

If it doesn't fit within the confines
Of a sitcom scene,
Within the time limits of an attention span
Like a thirteen-year-old kid with ADHD
Who's high on prescribed speed,
Too geeked out to remember how to breathe,

If it doesn't catch the eye of a teenage girl--
The only thing she'll ever read cover-to-cover
Is Twilight, even Harry Potter couldn't keep
Us kids in check, and I would've settled for that,
Grammatically correct and a pretty good read,
But let's face it, it was a handful of years ago,
And in any event good writers are a dying breed--

Chances are, if it isn't cheap, or better yet free,
If it isn't contagious as recycled '80s trends
Or v-necked tees, if it isn't easy, effortless,
Instant, in the time it takes to blink uploaded
Direct to my short-term memory, one-two-three,

Don't even think about being remembered,
Not even for a moment so sweet you wouldn't believe,
Because it sure as shit won't hold them
And, come to think of it, this is even boring me.

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